Most of these rules apply to adventure races but do have some bearing on runs, bike, water events, and other events hosted by Angry Cow Adventures or partners.

There will be NO REFUND on races with the exception of a family or health related issue.
Most issues will result in honoring that entry at a later date for another Angry Cow event.


Most race registrations are done on-line at or mail in. Mail in forms are available in PDF form on the Angry Cow website.
Any entry recieved after the cutoff date for that event will result in not obtaining shirt or other race swag.


1.CELL PHONE. One per team.
Phone must be brought to check in and will be wrapped in an airtight bag and secured.
Phone will be checked at the finish and if phone bag was opened for anything other then an emergency the team will be disqualified.
2.HELMET. Everytime while on the bike the helmet will be worn.
3.FIRST AID KIT. Big enough for 3 people.
4.HYDRATION PACK. Big enough for 70-100oz bladder.

Bike tubes, pump, extra water, clothes, food is the persons and teams decision. You know what your limits are. If you choose not to take any forementioned items then you are on your own.
NO outside assisitance will be allowed.

• Team members must be within 100 yards length of one another when collecting any and all checkpoint punches or trinkets and  100 yards while on the course unless instructed differently. Violations of this rule will result in a penalty.

• Teams must stay on the prescribed course unless otherwise instructed. Follow all instructions and avoid off limit areas. No bushwhacking unless otherwise specified. Violations of this rule will result in a disqualification.

• Teams must complete the entire course, pass through all checkpoints and turn in collected items at the finish to be recorded. Violations of this rule will result in a penalty. Teams will make decisions on the course when cut off times are enforced and may not be able to complete the course.

• Respect the environment. No littering. Carry out what you carry in. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification.

• Respect the volunteers. They help make these races possible. Any unsportsmanlike conduct toward volunteers will result in disqualification and possible exclusion from further races.  Race Director’s discretion. There is NO exception to the rule. Any complaints must be brought to Race Director not the volunteer.

• Outside assistance is not allowed except in specified transition areas. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification.

• If a team is in trouble, other teams are encouraged to help. There is no penalty for providing assistance to teams with equipment or medical problems.

• Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards or intertubes are not to be dragged on the ground. Pick them up and carry them. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification.

• Each team will receive a punch card. Punch the card at each checkpoint coordinating with the number on the checkpoint marker flag. Penalty for a missed checkpoint or other infraction may change at each race.

• No GPS units are permitted during any portion of the race. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification

• There may be cut off times for sections of the race and will be described at pre-race meeting by organizers.

• Teams will be disqualified if caught blocking or preventing other teams from passing.

• The events medical personnel can detain or pull a racer if they feel the racer is unable to continue.

• Races will be either Rogaine (go in any direction) or Linear (in order) and it is the total number of checkpoints a team or solo gets in the alloted time frame determines placing.

• The race organizers reserve the right to assess time penalties, bonuses, or disqualifications as they see fit.

• Race organizers may direct volunteers or assistant organizers to help with assessing penalties along the course.

• Race organizers reserve the right to decide whether a person or team may continue for health, safety or other reasons (e.g. inadequate time remaining to finish entire course).

• Race organizers reserve the right to change the rules or the course at any time, based on weather or other acts of nature.

• Any changes to course, penalties or rules will be done at the pre-race meeting.

• Director rulings are final.

Any teams with these issues will be advised to contact Jim Craig for the final decision and advise.
• Teams may be required to show a form of ID at checkin.

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